Hi, I’m Dani and thanks for stumbling across my blog. As you can probably tell I am a lover of all things food, I love cooking almost as much as I love eating (i also love to watch cooking shows) I’m only slightly food obsessed haha. I am 29 years old and started learning to cook around 10 years ago when I first moved out of my parents house and had to make a decision: learn to cook or eat ready meals for the rest of my life (this was never going to happen) so I had to teach myself to cook. Now before this I can admit I was a terrible cook, I mean I could burn water, I just never really had an interest in it but now? Now it’s my favourite thing in the world to do. Now I don’t actually understand people who say they hate cooking, or they just have better things to do with their time……… what else could be a better way to spend a couple of free hours that you have than making something you and your whole family can enjoy and knowing exactly what is in it, not that I don’t enjoy the occasional takeaway but I much prefer a home cooked meal and that is what you will find on my blog, delicious, hearty, home cooked food (I’m not saying they are always going to be the healthiest recipes in the world but they are simple recipes that my family and I enjoy……….. So take a look and I hope you and your family enjoy too.