Muscle Food

So I know this post is not a recipe, but I just had to share the latest with you on some of my recent purchases.

I have used various online butchers a few times to get my meat delivered and have always been pretty happy with all of the different websites I have used. I have been seeing muscle foods floating around for a while on various blogs and recipe sites and never really looked into them, but whilst I was browsing some of the couponing websites I use I came across a coupon code for them and thought why not give them a go?

I can honestly say I wasn’t disappointed with what I ordered. Muscle foods is a lean meat company so the meat was not fatty which is also one of the things that made me want to try them. The coupon I had was for a buy 2.5kg of chicken breasts and get 2.5kg of chicken breasts free and as you all know I cook with chicken a lot.

When my order arrived it was delivered in a huge box which contained frozen gel packs to keep the meat cold which was great.


The chicken breasts come packed together so I had to seperate them before freezimg which was fine as I also got freezer bags in my order. I also ordered some chilli and garlic sausages which were low fat and pork and leek sausages which were not low fat but they were delicious.


I had read some mixed reviews about muscle food online but I honestly thought the meat was great, so this week I made another order.

What I have found is great about them also is that they always have different offers so you can try things you may not usually buy.

This time I ordered:

2 Flank Steaks

2 Chicken Breasts

200g Lean Minced Beef

2 Steak Burgers

2 Chicken Burgers

4 Giant Meatballs

10 Low Fat Bacon Medallions

200g Mini Chicken Fillets

30g Deep South Steak Seasoning

With this order I received the following for free:

2 Minute Steaks

2 Steak Burgers

200g Extra Lean Minced Beef

12 Extra Lean Pork Sausages

200g Mini Chicken Fillets


I would definitely recommend ordering from muscle foods but I will continue to post updates about my orders and my thoughts on them.

If you do decide to order from them, you can use my code DB832542 or link:

With this code or link you will get a free product out of a choice of different options with any order.

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