Portions and Meal Prep

I know this is not a recipe post but I just had to share my new finds.

I think like a lot of people I struggle with portion control and knowing how much of what I should be putting on my plate. I am probably most guilty of this when it comes to things like pasta or potatoes, so I came across these portion control plates and decided to pick one up.


It is really helping me to put the correct amounts of things on my plate whereas before i was probably filling half of my plate with carbs and a quarter with vegetables. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes I need a day of just excessive carb, but just not everyday.

I have also started trying to plan my meals a lot better, so I also picked up some meal planner sheets to go along with my plate.


I started meal planning mostly to try and cut down on my shopping bill (and it really has) but it has also made mealtimes so much easier because at the beginning of the week I can just write down my meals for the week and don’t have to think about what I am going to make daily. This pad also has a magnetic strip on the back which is really handy as I can just put it up on the fridge.

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