Shopping and Meal Prep

This past week has felt like such a busy week, this is usually the case when I have time off work, I swear I feel ten times busier when I don’t have to go to work. Don’t get me wrong I really appreciate having a break from waking up at 5:30 every morning, but I feel like sometimes I go to work just for a break (this is probably because I work in an office and sit at a desk all day only moving to make tea).

Over the last few days I have also been trying to take a break from my phone and social media and just take time for myself. Friday night I went out to dinner and ate what was possibly one of the best meals I have ever consumed: slow cooked pork belly in a toffee apple glaze with crispy onion wedge, green beans and roasted parsnips (which I have always absolutely hated my entire life but I don’t know what this restaurant did to them but they were amazing and not too sweet). I also had their homemade rhubarb lemomade which was amazing, I would go back just for this.IMG_20180126_190640_400



I wish I had a dessert picture to post here too, but I was so full I could not manage another thing, but hey I guess that just gives me an excuse to have to go back another day.

Saturday morning after recovering from the previous night’s food coma, what better way to spend my day than going shopping. I went out with every intention of buying new clothes but me being me bought no clothes at all and ended up finding my way into a little chinese market instead. It was whilst I was walking around I realised I could easily spend my entire months wages in here and that my days of chinese takeaways were over. I also realised that I am probably going to visit here at least once every couple of weeks. I left the chinese store with a good haul of noodles, sauces, pastes, pea snacks, salad leaves and even soap.


The instant hot and sour soup was so delicious, even better than what I have from the takeaway and less than half the price, I think I will definitely be stocking up for when I need a spicy soup fix. I also got the freshest beansprouts I have ever tasted. I think I may need more kitchen cupboards.

Being out and about here there and everywhere for the last few days meant that I had done no meal prep for the week ahead, so that was my plan for Sunday, to sit and meal plan for the next few weeks. I have now planned my meals for the next 3 weeks, I am now going to write down the ingredients for each dish and then go through my cupboards and see what ingredients I already have so that I don’t buy things I dont need. I know this probably seems like a lot of work but in reality what will take an extra hour of my time could save me a lot of money when it comes to my food shopping  I have also planned out my lunches for work, I will be making healthy pot noodles (I will post these tomorrow) and I already have all of the ingredients for these, and I also have a weeks worth of soups left from when I batch made and froze soups two weekends ago. Here is a picture of my meal plan list, these recipes will also become blog posts when I make them.


Please comment if you have any suggestions for any more delicious recipes I can add to my meal plans.

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