30 Recipes ‘Til 30

30 recipes ’til 30. Now let me just start off by saying this post is going to be a little different to my other’s, I guess this one is more of an idea post than a recipe post. I am really enjoying blogging, it is a great way to share ideas and “meet” people you usually wouldn’t, I also love to read other people’s blogs, it can give you a great insight to how other people do things and can help you to do things differently to benefit your own life.

I know that there are a lot of social media outlets around nowadays which as we all know can be both a blessing and a curse, I am not going to say I don’t enjoy scrolling through and seeing people’s pictures and funny comments and captions, but not half as much as I enjoy reading people’s blogs. I feel like a lot of people are a little afraid (maybe this isn’t the correct word) to be imperfect on social media, there are so many filters and edits to make pictures look flawless now I just find a lot of it a little too unrealistic, it makes me glad that there was no Instagram or Facebook around when I was growing up, I find people’s blogs however are a lot more honest about real life, people are more willing to talk about the not so perfect way they are feeling, or looking, or the different ways a recipe has failed (if you read my Yorkshire pudding post, you will remember the self raising flour incident). There are just so many great blogs around now that you will never run out of ideas for things to do, or the best ways to do them.

It was whilst I was reading through other people’s blogs that I came across a great one called Enroute To 40, I seriously recommend everyone visit this page (https://enrouteto40.blog/) It is a blog from a very nice woman called Lynn (who has been so polite and nice when I have messaged with her) about her personal journey to becoming 40 and making a to do list of 40 things to do before she turns 40. Reading Enroute To 40 was pretty inspirational and made me wish I had found it sooner and started something similar for my turning 30, however I now have less than 6 weeks until I turn 30 and definitely do not have time to try 30 amazing new experiences before my birthday, so I decided to try to adapt this idea to something I can achieve, which brings me to 30 recipes ’til 30. I am going to post 30 new recipes before I turn 30 (I am going to try and make the majority of these healthy recipes). So I hope you all enjoy the recipes on my journey to becoming 30.

4 thoughts on “30 Recipes ‘Til 30

  1. I am so excited to see the recipes! As you know cooking a new healthy recipe each month is part of my list so equally I am sure you will inspire me!!! Love the 30 recipe ideas and maybe after 40 I will have to try something like this next year!! So appreciate the kind words and am a huge fan of your blog as well – in fact I am compiling some of your recipes already to be incorporated into everyday living and not just the list! Good Luck!!! 💕


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